December 2019

The all laminate archtop is back from finish and set up.  I have been playing it for a couple of weeks.  I have decided to keep it as it is perfect for what I am doing musically right now and I want to see how my new design tailpiece holds up.  The plates are from builder Steve Holst.  The top has a spruce outer laminate and I am impressed at the acoustic sound unplugged.  It has a mounted Kent Armstrong humbucker.



The All Mahogany OM with the upper bout carbon tube headbock bracing is almost ready to go to finish.  This is my first Mahogany topped guitar.  It has a great tap tone so we will see if it is a winner or dud.  You never know till the strings are on!  The bracing works as I have duplicated string tension with the neck on and there is very little movement.

The rim set in the top of the lower picture is my new 15” Mahogany archtop design waiting for it’s plates.  It will have Holst laminated top and bottom plates and a mounted pickup.  



Finally my main wood supplier, Walter Lipton of Euphonon Co. has retired at age 78 and his wood has been bought by Allied Lutherie which has re-located to New England from California.  Walter’s Mahogany was the best, especially necks and I was lucky enough to get some of his neck blanks from Allied.  Enough to keep me going for a couple of years.  I also got some of his BZ bridge blanks and headstock veneers.

His Mahogany back and side sets were great as well and I will be ordering some from Allied before all their Euphonon stock is gone.



Finally, both guitars I had at Fret Central in Minneapolis have sold.  I hope to have some more there in the next six months.  Probably the 15” archtop and an OM.  have a great 2020 everyone.

© Terence Kennedy 2013