November 2019

I have two builds going at present.  Both interesting.  One is a double side Mahogany OM with a new (to me) strut bracing system for the headlock using hollow carbon tubes.  I met Tim McKnight at a recent guitar show and he showed me what he has been doing to strengthen the upper bout.  I have seen variants of this around for a number of years but never tried it.

The stability is apparently amazing and one can quit worrying about settling in which is always an issue on a new guitar almost always requiring a re-do of the setup in five or six months for optimal playability.  It also offers the possibility of dramatically decreasing the upper bout bracing and maybe gaining a little more vibrating soundboard.

I am excited to see how things pan out on this prototype.

The other build is a totally new 15” archtop body pattern.  I am thinking of calling it the “old player’s jazz guitar”.  Easy to hold and reach around, and probably a 24.75 scale length for elderly fingers. 

It has Mahogany double sides and will have laminated plates and a mounted pickup in the neck position.

© Terence Kennedy 2013