Heel Profile Sanding Template

An area that I found difficult was putting the end profile on the heel of the neck.

I did it freehand with a sanding drum on the drill press.  One day I figured out that you can put the guide bushing of the Robosander on the top of the drum.  This allowed me to make a template for the profile, double stick tape it to the end of the neck after the tenon was routed, and use the Robosander to shape the profile.

I made a jig to hold the neck perfectly vertical via metal dowel pins in the truss rod slot.  It sits on the drill press table and insures that the heel is parallel to the sanding drum.


Here is the holding jig.  It can hold the neck  vertical or horizontal as needed.  Note the bearing  moved to the top of the Robosander. 


Here is the neck set up for sanding the profile.  You need good dust collection.  Now I usually hog some of the wood away with a saw so I don’t have to sand so much


This is what it looks like when it is done.  Note the other neck in the background with the profile jig attached.

© Terence Kennedy 2013