Neck Details/Double Sides

Below are pictures of my current neck attachment system.  It is a variation of the Cumpiano barrel nut concept for the neck tenon and the Dana Bourgeois/Sylvan Wells approach for the fretboard tenon..  It has performed well and offers the huge advantage of being able to easily fine tune the neck angle at any time in the guitar's life to maintain optimal saddle height.

All of my necks get carbon bar reinforcement.  This stiffens the neck and I run them across into the headstock.  Hopefully this may prevent the tragic event all players and luthiers fear.  

I have been using double sides in some models.  So far the same species of wood for both.  I've done all my archtops that way and a couple of OM's.  I like what it has done for the sound in the OM's and the folks at The Podium did as well so I'll do more.  

© Terence Kennedy 2013