April 2019

It has been a while since I updated my blog.  I have completed a Brazilian/Adirondak Dred for a client and I like the way it sounds.  Hopefully he will too.  I have also completed a double side Mahogany/Sitka OM which I like very much as well.  It will probably be listed for sale soon.  Contact me if interested.  The double side Mahogany/Spruce OM is my favorite of all the flat top acoustic models I make.

IMG 2746

I have had some interesting repairs this winter two of which surprised me.  One was a 70’s LoPrinzi OM that needed a new bridge, neck reset, fretboard level and re-fret and a neck refinish among other things.  It was very heavily built with a massive Rosewood bridge plate and heavy un-scalloped bracing.  I was not sure all that work would be worth the money.  It had been heavily played with bare wood exposed on the top from flat picking and lots of body and fingerboard wear.

I have seen heavily built Martins from the mid 70’s that were not all that good to start but after a lot of hard play opened up to become great guitars so we went ahead.  i am happy to say that the guitar sounds wonderful and the client is very happy.  I did convert it to a bolt-on neck as the dovetail was different from other LoPrinzis I have seen and was a poor design and completely loose.

IMG 2495

IMG 2490

The other was a cheap 70’s Cortez that needed a new bridge and a refret among many other things.  It was all laminate including the top.  I had low hopes but it was a special guitar for the owner for personal reasons.  It too had been played a lot.  Once again I was pleasantly surprised as to how good it sounded for it’s construction type.  I did not expect that.

IMG 2513

                                                     Here are the two together.

IMG 2529

Thanks for looking.  My next project is an all laminate 16” Maple archtop with a spruce veneered laminate top.

© Terence Kennedy 2013