July 2019

Since my last entry I have a new dealer, Fret Central, a division of Quinn Violins in Minneapolis.  See details on my “availability” page.  I have two guitars there now.  Both OM’s and both good ones.

I has been a busy summer with good weather, visiting grandkids, music gigs and all around just enjoying the 3-4 months a year that MN is actually pretty livable!

I have had some shop time however and am working on an all laminate 16” archtop.  It will have fingerstyle string spacing and a mounted pickup.  Probably a tv.Jones.  I have not decided on the next ones but Marty Reynolds has been bugging me to build a Mahogany topped OM so I probably will.

Check out Fret Central!   https://www.quinnviolins.com/Terry-Kennedy-Steel-String-Guitars.html



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