October 2019

Archtop is off to finish.  It will have a mounted Kent Armstrong humbucker in the neck position.  I am using a new tailpiece design I can construct in the shop.


I had the good fortune to do the Great River Guitar Show at the Southeastern Technical College in Red Wing MN in September.  The school is the location of one of the oldest musical instrument construction and repair programs in the USA.  It was organized by Minneapolis luthier Tim Reede who teaches at the school.  My wife Pat’s presence graced my table!

The 15” archtop shown in the picture was a big hit.  I built it with an OM mold and just free lanced the Florentine cutaway so I have spent the last week or two jigging up for a real 15” shape with a venetian cutaway which I like better.  Here is the bending/laminating form for the non-cutaway side.

I borrowed a 17” archtop owned by Glenn Elvig for the guitar show and brought it up to the shop for a setup.  It is one I had a hard time letting go.



In addition to the 15”  archtop my fall/winter projects will be my first Mahogany topped OM.  Stay tuned.   

© Terence Kennedy 2013